P.Mean: Are we statisticians gods? (created 2009-10-13).

I'm helping someone who wants an alternative statistical analysis to the one used by the principal investigator. I'm happy to help and will offer advice about why my approach may be better, but I was warned that the PI considers the analysis chosen to be ordained by the "Statistic Gods" at her place of work.

I'm not sure what to make of the words "Statistic Gods". It or some similar term has been used to describe me. I find myself surprisingly reluctant to dissuade someone from this belief. Perhaps it is good for business if people falsely believe that I have divine powers.

But somehow I find the characterization a bit irritating as well. It is an abdication of responsibility of the scientists who won't take the time and learn what I learned. Instead they just give up and attribute my acquired knowledge as something that can only be obtained through supernatural means. I also wonder if such an attitude is a barrier to establishing a truly professional collaboration.

Maybe I'm just irritated that someone other than me is accorded a status worthy of worship by mere mortals.

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