P.Mean: Competing books to the book I am planning to write (created 2010-08-16).

I have been asked by several publishers to list competing books to the book I am planning to write. My book is quite different than anything else out there, but perhaps the closest competition would be books that talk about research methods. Here are some possible competitors in that area.

  1. Statistical Methods for Health Care Research, Barbara Hazard Munro.
  2. Research Methods in Health Promotion, Richard A. Crosby (Editor), Ralph J. DiClemente (Editor), Laura F. Salazar (Editor).
  3. Research Methods and Statistics: A Critical Thinking Approach, Sherri L. Jackson.
  4. Research Methods: A Modular Approach, Sherri L. Jackson.
  5. Research Methods: A Modular Approach, Donald H. McBurney, Theresa L. White.
  6. Research Methods: Planning, Conducting, and Presenting Research, Ann Sloan Devlin.

I'm hoping to refine this list a bit.

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