P.Mean: Creating LaTex formulas on the fly (created 2010-12-20).

I don't use LaTeX a lot (though I should) because I am fairly happy with a proprietary product that I use for formulas, MathType. Still, there are some times when it would be nice to use a bit of LaTeX, and there's a web site that makes this easy.

It's all thanks to John Forkosh, who has a CGI script at his website that takes LaTeX code and creates a graphic image that you can copy and paste into your document. Simply open the following URL:
 * http://www.forkosh.dreamhost.com/mimetex.cgi?$$your LaTeX code goes here$$

Here's an example from the Wikipedia page on LaTeX (I had to remove an ampersand to get this to work):
 * http://www.forkosh.dreamhost.com/mimetex.cgi?$$m = \frac{m_0}{\sqrt{1-\frac{v^2}{c^2}}}$$

which produces a page with the following image

I first saw this application at a November 25, 2007 entry in Jim Albert's blog.

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