P.Mean: General help (created 2008-06-23)

If you have a question about Statistics, you might find the answer on these pages. You can

  1. browse the webpages associated with a particular topic,
  2. search through the entire website,
  3. send me an email,
  4. hire me as a consultant.

Browse the webpages.

Reading these webpages is like reading a dictionary. It works best if you already have an idea what you are looking for. I have assigned every page on this website to one or more topic categories. If you don't find what you want in a particular topic, try looking at the closely related topics.

Search through the entire website.

This feature is not available yet. There is a simple way to use Google to search exclusively through my new website (or any website).

Send me an email.

I'm a very busy person, but I try to answer every email that I get. There is a limited amount of information that can be conveyed by email, and this should not be considered a substitute for consultation with a professional statistician. I cannot afford to spend more than 15 minutes on any one person, but sometimes that all that it takes. Send your email questions to .

If you are curious about what type of question to ask, what sort of answers I give, or why I bother answering these questions at all, please take a look at

Hire me as a consultant.

Starting on July 15, 2008, I am available for statistical consulting. On November 1, 2008, I am devoting full time to this career as an independent statistical consultant. I have a PhD in Statistics, thirty years of experience, and many satisfied customers. In the past, I have undertaken independent consulting assignments using my evenings and weekends, but there was not enough time in the week to handle this and keep up with my five year old boy. I am taking an unpaid leave of absence from work in order to devote full time to developing a career as an independent consultant. I have a page describing my rates and special discounts for consulting.

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