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Here's the introductory message that I send out to new registrants.

Thank you for signing up for the "What is a p-value?" webinar on Tuesday, September 21. You will be receiving information about how to connect to this webinar in a separate email. I'll also post that information on the webinar page:

 * www.pmean.com/webinars

The handout for the webinar will be posted a day or two in advance, again on the webinar page.

I do a lot of talks that rely on computer technologies and something always goes wrong. When it does, I laugh and blame Bill Gates. He and I are both about the same age, and for some terribly unfair reason he has a lot more money than I do. So it makes perfect sense to blame him anytime something goes wrong.

I do want to encourage active participation, and this is most easily done by typing in comments from your keyboard into the chat window. When the webinar starts, I will type "Hello from Leawood, Kansas" in the chat window and I want you to type "Hello from [[your location]]". If I tell a joke I want you to type "ha ha ha" or something like it if you think the joke is funny and "groan" or something like it if you think the joke stinks. Feel free to ask questions in the chat window at anytime, though I may wait a minute or two to a good break point before I reply.

You are allowed to have more than one person listening at your site. Please let me know this by email, as a courtesy.

The cap on enrollment for these webinars is 25 and I have never come close to this limit so far, so feel free to invite anyone else you know who might be interested.

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