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There are no special hardware requirements for these webinars. If your computer has speakers, then you should be able to listen without using a telephone, which has some advantages. But computer speakers are not required.

You will not need a microphone and you will not need a webcam. I do want to make these webinars as interactive as possible, but I will be asking you to participate using your keyboard and not a camera/microphone.

You do need a computer. It can run on a Microsoft operating system, a Mac operating system, or a Linux operating system.

You do need a web browser, but it does not have to be the Microsoft browser (Internet Explorer). I usually use Firefox, and other common browsers should work also.

Some webinars will use examples in IBM SPSS. You will not need to have a copy of IBM SPSS to participate in this seminar.

Consult the Webex FAQ, http://www.webex.com/what-is-webex/faqs.html, for more information. You can also run a test of your system at http://developers.webex.com/api/jointest/index.php.

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