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Note: Because of other work commitments, these Jumpstart Statistics webinars are temporarily on hold.

Jumpstart Statistics is a series of free webinars offered through the Research and Statistical Consult Service at UMKC. Customers of the Research and Statistical Consult Service will get general statistical guidance but are expect to conduct their own data entry and data analysis. These webinars offer some assistance to those individuals. The goal of the Jumpstart Statistics series is to provide helpful information that will allow beginning researchers to start a new research project or restart a stalled project. All webinars will show applications using IBM SPSS software.

While these classes are directed to current and potential future customers of the Research and Statistical Consult Service, any UMKC student, faculty, or staff can attend these webinars at no cost. If you are currently enrolled in a statistics class at UMKC, please check with your instructor to see if these webinars would be appropriate for you.

I have tentatively planned for four one hour webinars in the Jumpstart Statistics series.

  1. Jumpstart Statistics: Data entry and data management issues
  2. Jumpstart Statistics: Simple descriptive statistics
  3. Jumpstart Statistics: Linear regression
  4. Jumpstart Statistics: Logistic regression

There are no formal statistical prerequisites for these webinars. In particular, no prior experience with SPSS is assumed. You are welcome to attend any of these webinars and in any order. Each webinar stands alone and no webinar is considered as a prerequisite for any other webinar.

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