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There are no statistical pre-requisites for any of these webinars. I will not assume that you have had any particular classes or read any particular books. I will not presume any particular academic degree or training. If anything is not clearly defined during the webinar, please stop and ask a question. If, after attending the webinar, you find that I have made an assumption about your background and experience that is inappropriate, please let me know.

I do assume in a few of these classes a small level of familiarity with high school algebra, but nothing too fancy. You also may be asked to do some simple arithmetic (subtraction, division) in some of these webinars, so please have a pocket calculator handy or load a simple calculator program in the background on your computer.

Some classes will show examples using IBM SPSS software. You do not have to know anything about this program prior to the webinar. You should be familiar with how to use a mouse and know basic principles of the Microsoft operating system (either Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows should be fine).

The webinars are designed to be taken in any order. This forces me to sometimes repeat or restate things that might have been said in previous webinars, but I consider the repetition to be a good thing.

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