StATS: Davis Balestracci seminar (January 19, 2006).

A couple of people I work with are very interested in applying quality control in various processes at Children's Mercy Hospital. We already have a quality improvement program in place, but these folks want to incorporate some ideas they learned after attending a seminar by Davis Balestracci at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement annual forum. I was unfamiliar with Mr. Balestracci's work, but he has a very nice website ( that discusses many of the left brain (analytic/rational) and right brain (emotional/intuitive) issues associated with implementing a quality program.

He has a nice quote on one of these web pages:

"The more you know what is wrong with your data... the more useful it becomes." --Prof. John Tukey

Mr. Balestracci may be coming to Kansas City in June to give a talk in June. It will be interesting to hear what he has to say.

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