P.Mean: My old website (created 2009-10-20)

From about 1997 to 2008, I wrote webpages about statistics, research ethics, and evidence based medicine and published them at the Childrens Mercy Hospital (CMH) website. When I left CMH, I lost the ability to write pages for this website.

From 2008 through 2012, CMH kept my old website up and running, and I still sent people to it when they have questions. I, myself, linked liberally to it from my new website.

But all good things must come to an end. CMH pulled the plug on my old website sometime in June 2012. No big deal, except that a thousand or so of the links that I have on my new website were suddenly broken and many of the resources that I and other had relied on are gone.

It gets trickier, though. There was a dispute about ownership of the webpages that erupted shortly before I left CMH. I had wanted to make my web pages open source, since I myself had benefitted greatly from many of the open source papers on the web. CMH did not want such a designation, though, for my work. Who owns the copyright is a gray area. You could argue that it is a work for hire and the content belongs to CMH, but the intellectual property policy of CMH allowed me to publish my book, Statistical Evidence in Medical Trials, even though most of the content of that book came from the website. If I have control over the copyright for a book that I wrote while working at CMH, why wouldn't I have control over the copyright for the webpages I wrote while working at CMH.

Still, it would be best to consider anything written at my old website as holding a copyright through CMH for now. I am reproducing the content of the old website here at my new website, as a service, but with an acknowledgement that I do not hold a clear copyright to this material. If CMH raises an objection to my posting the old material here, I'd be glad to discuss the issue with them. I'd certainly be willing to pay CMH a modest sum of money for the copyright privileges to my old website.

I have revised and updated some of the old material, and when I do, I will designate the new material as open source with an acknowledgement of the fact that the original material was written while I was an employee at CMH. Again, this is a gray area, and if CMH has any concerns or reservations, I'd be glad to discuss it with them.

Of course, if CMH put the old material back up, I will be glad to relink to it.

I'm very grateful for the time I spent at CMH, and their generosity in letting me write about a thousand or so pages about Statistics and posting it on their website. I don't think they don't have any more interest in the material that I wrote when I was working for them, but if they do, I'd be more than happy to discuss and would try my best to accomodate their wishes.

The links to the old material can be found on my Categories page and at the various archive pages

--> Archive1999 (51 pages)
--> Archive2000 (28 pages)
--> Archive2001 (15 pages)
--> Archive2002 (20 pages)
--> Archive2003 (17 pages)
--> Archive2004 (118 pages)
--> Archive2005 (198 pages)
--> Archive2006 (200 pages)
--> Archive2007 (210 pages)
--> Archive2008 (45 pages)

The Archive2008 page also has links to 89 pages at my new website. In addition, I have

--> Archive2009 (50 pages)
--> Archive2010 (82 pages)
--> Archive2011 (59 pages)
--> Archive2012 (23 pages, as of June 2012)

Counting pages is tricky for a variety of reasons, but it looks like I have tripled the size of my current website by including material from my old website.

During the transition, there will be numerous broken links and lost files. I will fix these as I have time, but I am also creating a lost page to provide a link to some of these files while I am rebuilding the appropriate internal links.

Pages at my old website that have been updated here.


21. Updated: Conditional Frailty Models (created January 20, 2006, updated 2011-10-11)

20. Updated: Quick sample size calculations (created 2001-10-11, revised 2011-04-26)

19. Updated: Three things you need for a power calculation (created 2001-11-08, revised 2011-04-26)

18. Updated: Documenting negative results in a research paper (created 2001-10-11, revised 2011-04-26).

17. Updated: Writing the methods section of your grant (created 2001-01-15, revised 2011-04-26)


16. Updated: The post-modern assault on evidence-based medicine (created 2007-12-18, updated 2010-10-26)

15. Updated: The post-modern assault on evidence-based practice, part 2 (created 2007-12-18, updated 2010-10-26)

14. Updated: The post-modern assault on evidence-based medicine (December 18 2007, revised 2010-10-26)

13. Updated: Confidence interval with zero events (created 2001-01-19, revised 2010-07-07)

12. Updated: Testing for bimodality (created 2005-05-03, revised 2010-07-06)

11. Updated: Design and analysis of pilot studies (created 2004-09-14, revised 2010-07-01)

10. Updated: Examples of a fishbone diagram (created 2006-03-24, revised 2010-06-29)

9. Updated: Getting IRB approval for your research (created 2002-10-09, revised 2010-04-01)

8. Updated: Ethical concerns about a placebo run-in (created 2006-10-04, revised 2010-02-04)


7. Updated: Kaplan Meier (2000-06-27, revised 2009-12-01)

6. Updated: Integrating internal and external evidence (created 2006-03-17, revised 2009-10-21)

No date

5. Updated: An introduction to diagnostic testing (created 2003-09-08)

4. Updated: I abhor Lilliefor and other tests of normality (created 2005-04-14)

3. Updated: Patients' reactions to finding out they were in the placebo group (created 2005-05-11)

2. Updated: A simple example of a Kaplan-Meier curve (January 24, 2008)

1. Updated: When the F test is significant, but Tukey is not (created 2005-09-09)

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