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For time to time, I have contributed small items to a web publication called Chance News.

Chance News reviews current issues in the news that use probability or statistical concepts. Its aim is to give the general public a better understanding of chance news as reported by the media and to allow teachers of probability and statistics courses to liven up their courses with current news. From 1992 to 2004, Chance News was written by a small number of regular contributors. These are archived on the Chance Website where you will also find other resources for teaching a probability or statistic course.

Chance News is now a "Wiki". A Wiki is a web site designed to allow readers to easily add contributions or edit existing contributions. This makes it collaborative effort of its readers in the spirit of the very successful free encyclopedia Wikipedia. (The word wiki is from the Hawaiian word wiki-wiki meaning quick).

Today, I submitted an article, Laughter in the Supreme Court, which is the ninth item in Issue 11. Because this is a Wiki, other people can edit and add to my entry (though in practice, this is usually limited to minor editorial improvements).

My previous entries on Chance News are:

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