StATS: Materials for Signal Detection and Data Mining Strategies conference (November 6, 2006). Category: Adminstrative details

I had a November 6 deadline to send materials to PhamaIQ for the two talks I am giving at the Signal Detection and Data Mining Strategies conference being held in London, England, December 5-6. The website for this conference is

and I was told it was okay to put the PDF flier for this conference on my web pages. I had to list a "Chairperson's Aid" form which asked for my three claims to fame: one work related, one humorous, and one that I am particularly proud of. Here's what I wrote:

Three Claims To Fame:

1) One Work Related: I'm the author of a book Statistical Evidence in Medical Trials, recently published by Oxford University press. It has not sold as well as Harry Potter yet

2) One humorous: I have a statistics advice column on my web pages called "Ask Professor Mean." and I remind people that he is "not just your average professor."

3) Something That You Are Particularly Proud Of: (This could be anything, funny, serious or work related. From running a marathon for charity, to the birth of a child, or growing old gracefully) Two years ago, I adopted a little boy from Russia. He is four years old now and he keeps me very busy.

I've prepared my handouts for these talks on my training page, and I've tried to make the talks general enough that I can use them in other situaitons. Here are the two talks but as of today (November 6, 2006), the second talk is much more complete than the first.

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