StATS: Learning more about control charts (February 1, 2006).

Someone asked me about resources for learning how to use control charts. I have a web page that talks about quality control in general and shows some of the computational details of a control chart. It's just a draft, but it might help.

There are two excellent and very readable books that any beginner should look at:

There is software in SPSS that will compute control charts, and that is a nice place to start for us, because we already have a license for SPSS. The program R has a library, qcc, that produces

Shewhart quality control charts for continuous, attribute and count data. Cusum and EWMA charts. Operating characteristic curves. Process capability analysis. Pareto chart and cause-and-effect chart.

R is not an easy package to learn, but since it is programmable, you can possibly invest in a programmer who could set up a bunch of programs in R that you could access via a web server.

There is also a large amount of commercial software that you can buy. I don't have a lot of recommendations here, because I have not used any of this software.

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