StATS: An Ensembl search (February 1, 2006).

While working on a microarray experiement with a researcher, we had to find a bit of information about a gene with the gene symbol NCOA3. We went to the Ensembl web site ( and did a search which yielded the following information.

2. Ensembl Gene: ENSG00000124151

Ensembl gene ENSG00000124151 has 3 transcripts: ENST00000262979, ENST00000340189, ENST00000341724 and associated peptides: ENSP00000262979, ENSP00000342123, ENSP00000345671

Nuclear receptor coactivator 3 (EC (NCoA-3) (Thyroid hormone receptor activator molecule 1) (TRAM-1) (ACTR) (Receptor-associated coactivator 3) (RAC-3) (Amplified in breast cancer-1 protein) (AIB-1) (Steroid receptor coactivator protein 3) (SRC- [Source:Uniprot/SWISSPROT;Acc:Q9Y6Q9]

The gene has the following external identifiers mapped to it:

Affymx Microarray U133: g2565049_3p_a_at, 207700_s_at, g2318005_3p_a_at, Hs.225977.1.A2_3p_a_at, g5729725_3p_a_at, 211352_s_at, 209062_x_at, 209060_x_at

CCDS: CCDS13406, CCDS13407.1, CCDS13407, CCDS13406.1

EMBL: AL034418, AF012108, AB209863, BC092516, AF010227, AF036892, AF016031

EntrezGene: 8202

GO: GO:0005634, GO:0046966, GO:0007165, GO:0004402, GO:0030528, GO:0030521, GO:0045893, GO:0008415, GO:0050681, GO:0005515, GO:0003713, GO:0016740, GO:0004871

HGNC Symbol: NCOA3, 7670

IPI: IPI00220081, IPI00069270.1, IPI00220079, IPI00220082.1, IPI00220079.1, IPI00220081.1, IPI00220082, IPI00220080.1, IPI00069270, IPI00220080

MIM: 601937


Predicted UniProt/TrEMBL: Q59EE8, Q59EE8_HUMAN, Q569F6, Q569F6_HUMAN

Protein ID: CAC17693.1, BAD93100, AAB92368, CAI42141.1, AAC51849, AAC51849.1, AAC51677, AAC51663, AAB92368.1, CAI42141, BAD93100.1, AAC51677.1, AAC51663.1, CAB40662, CAC17693, AAH92516, CAB40662.1, AAH92516.1

RefSeq DNA: NM_006534, NM_006534.2, NM_181659, NM_181659.1

RefSeq peptide: NP_858045.1, NP_006525.2, NP_006525, NP_858045

UniGene: Hs.382168

UniProt/Swiss-Prot: Q9Y6Q9, NCOA3_HUMAN



I want to use this example as an excuse to try to document the various naming conventions used in genetics.  As you can see from my previous weblog entries, this is something I have tried to do in the past, but have just been too busy to follow-up on.

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