StATS: Resources for the use of Statistical Process Control in Healthcare (created 2006-09-15).

Someone on the MedStats email discussion group asked for resources that "explain the use of SPC (statistical process control) to analyze quality indicators in a healthcare organization."

I'm working on some research grants to use control charts to provide guidance to continuing review and monitoring of clinical trials. The most recent page that discusses this is at:

I also may end up giving a talk for PharmaIQ, a division of the International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC), and they look to have a lot of interesting conferences on healthcare and quality. Of course, my opinion is probably biased by the belief that any group that invites me to talk must have a good appreciation of talent. The Healthcare IQ section actually looks to be quite interesting.

There's a lot out there, and this is only a partial list. I tried to include only those resources that had a direct link to health care, with the exception of Donald Wheeler's book, which is a worthwhile read for anyone in any discipline.


Research papers:


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