StATS: Questions a volunteer should ask before participating in a clinical trial (created 2006-07-18)

A regular contributor to the IRBForum (MG), wrote a nice list of questions that a volunteer should ask before they decide to participate in a clinical trial.

  1. Has this clinical trial been approved by an IRB?
  2. Has this physician been authorized by an IRB to conduct this trial?
  3. How do can I find out which IRB is overseeing this trial?

These are important questions and without mandatory registration of clinical trials, it is unclear where a research volunteer would get these answers.

This page was written by Steve Simon while working at Children's Mercy Hospital. Although I do not hold the copyright for this material, I am reproducing it here as a service, as it is no longer available on the Children's Mercy Hospital website. Need more information? I have a page with general help resources. You can also browse for pages similar to this one at Category: Ethics in research.