Resources for Statistical Evidence in Medical Trials.

Some of the material that I used to write this book is available here in web format. The web format is actually the first draft, so the book should be slightly more polished. I have also removed much of the material that was originally here in January 2006 out of respect for the publisher's copyright.

You can also view the web pages which originally inspired this book.

Ther are numerous entries in my weblog entries related to my book. Some of these entries appear in the book itself with minor editing, and others represent important topics which did not fit into the overall plan. Still others are just fun things that I have found that you might also find interesting.

Resources for Chapter 1, Apples or oranges?

Resources for Chapter 2, Who was left out?

Resources for Chapter 3, Mountain or molehill?

Resources for Chapter 4, What do the other witnesses say?

Resources for Chapter 6, What do all these numbers mean?

Resources for Chapter 7, Where is the evidence?

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