StATS: Interesting book: Crash Course in Spss for Windows: Updated for Versions 10, 11, 12 And 13. Andrew M. Colman, Briony Pulford. ISBN: 1405145315 Publisher: Blackwell Publishers - 2006-04-05. [BookFinder4U link] People always ask me for book recommendations, and I am frequently at a loss for what to say. Recommending a book is actually quite difficult, though, because people's needs vary so much. A common request is for a book about SPSS, and the book mentioned above looks pretty good, though I have not read it yet. The description of this book was written by Steve Simon on 2006-03-16, edited by Steve Simon, and was last modified on 2010-04-01. Category: Interesting books, Category: SPSS software

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